Encyclopedia Dramatica is Full of SHIT!

Encyclopedia Dramatica is Full of SHIT! the blog. Coming soon!

Posted in General by ED on June 1, 2009

Welcome to the Encyclopedia Dramatica is full of SHIT! blog. Here I will be tearing apart bullshit full of lies articles on their website that need to be taken down, yes… including Renee Nicole Stage’s article and Krystole’s article.

Encyclopedia Dramatica takes things too far and should not have the right to STALK and HARASS innocent girls on the internet, throwing out lies, garbage, bullshit and LIBEL. This not only includes the ED website but also the pathetic losers who write these articles!

I believe we need to have a VOTE to have certain articles removed and banned from being posted ever again, either that OR SUE THE PANTS OFF THEM. It’s painfully obvious how in need of money the ED owners are these days anyway, what with their constant empty threats of “oh we’re closing down unless you give us $5000!” when in reality they do not use a penny of that money to maintain the site! If they want to maintain a site full of lies, let it come out of their own pockets!

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. These basement dwellers can either get a job or close down their pathetic excuse for a website! IT’S TIME FOR SOME JUSTICE!